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  • Operation Guide 3311 5052
    Getting Acquainted
    Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. To get the most out of your
    purchase, be sure to carefully read this manual and keep it on hand for later reference
    when necessary.
    This watch does not have a time zone that corresponds to the Greenwich
    Mean Time differential of –3.5 hours. Because of this, the radio-controlled
    timekeeping and World Time functions will not display the correct time for
    Newfoundland, Canada.
    Keep the watch exposed to bright light
    The electricity generated by the solar cell of the watch is
    stored by a built-in battery. Leaving or using the watch
    where it is not exposed to light causes the battery to run
    down. Make sure the watch is exposed to light as much as
    When you are not wearing the watch on your wrist,
    position the face so it is pointed at a source of bright light.
    You should try to keep the watch outside of your sleeve
    as much as possible. Charging is reduced significantly if
    the face is only partially covered.
    Bright Light
    Solar cell
    The watch continues to operate, even when it is not exposed to light. Leaving the
    watch in the dark can cause the battery to run down, which will result in some watch
    functions to be disabled. If the battery goes dead, you will have to re-configure watch
    settings after recharging. To ensure normal watch operation, be sure to keep it
    exposed to light as much as possible.
    LEVEL 1
    LEVEL 2
    LEVEL 3
    LEVEL 4
    Rechargeable battery
    Bright Light
    Solar cell
    (Converts light to
    electrical power.)
    LEVEL 1
    LEVEL 2
    LEVEL 3
    LEVEL 4
    Some or all
    Battery charges in the light. Battery discharges in the dark.
    The actual level at which some functions are disabled depends on the watch model.
    Frequent display illumination can run down the battery quickly and require charging.
    The following guidelines give an idea of the charging time required to recover from a
    single illumination operation.
    Approximately 5 minutes exposure to bright sunlight coming in through a window
    Approximately 50 minutes exposure to indoor fluorescent lighting
    Be sure to read Power Supply for important information you need to know
    when exposing the watch to bright light.
    If the digital display of the watch is blank...
    If the Power Saving indicator (
    ) is flashing on the display,
    it means that the display is blank because the watch’s
    Power Saving function has turned it off to conserve power.
    Power Saving automatically turns off the display and
    enters a sleep state whenever your watch is left for a
    certain period in an area where it is dark. If the watch is
    kept in the dark for a longer period, the analog hands will
    also stop moving after a few days.
    The initial factory default setting is Power Saving on.
    The watch will recover from the sleep state if you move it
    to a well-lit area or if you press any button.
    See Power Saving Function for more information.
    About This Manual
    The operational procedures for Modules 3311 and 5052
    are identical. All of the illustrations in this manual show
    Module 3311.
    Button operations are indicated using the letters shown
    in the illustration.
    Each section of this manual provides you with the
    information you need to perform operations in each
    mode. Further details and technical information can be
    found in the “Reference” section.
    Module 3311
    Module 5052
    General Guide
    Press C to change from mode to mode.
    In any mode, press B to illuminate the display.
    Battery Level Indicator
    Alarm ModeStopwatch Mode
    Timekeeping Mode
    Press C.
    World Time Mode
    Hand Setting Mode
    Radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping
    This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates
    its time setting accordingly. The time calibration signal
    includes both Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time
    (summer time) data.
    This watch is designed to pick up the time calibration
    signal transmitted in the United States (Fort Collins,
    Colorado) and the time calibration signals transmitted in
    The U.S. time calibration signal can be picked up by the
    watch while in North America.*
    The term “North America” in this manual refers to the
    area that consists of Canada, the continental United
    States, and Mexico.
    Day of week
    Minute hand
    Hour hand
    Second hand
    Current Time Setting
    This watch automatically adjusts its time setting in accordance with a time calibration
    signal. You can also perform a manual procedure to set the time and date, when
    The first thing you should do after purchasing this watch is to set your Home City,
    which is the city where you will normally use the watch. For more information, see
    “To set your Home City” below.
    When using the watch outside the ranges of the U.S. and Japanese time signal
    transmitters, you have to adjust the current time setting manually as required. See
    “Timekeeping” for more information about manual time setting.
    The analog time of this watch is synchronized with the digital time. Because of this,
    the analog time setting is automatically adjusted whenever you change the digital
    setting. See “Analog Timekeeping” for more information.
    To set your Home City
    1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the
    transmitter indicator (
    ) starts to flash, which
    indicates the setting screen.
    The second hand will move at high speed to the 12
    o’clock position, where it will stop.
    2. Press C once so the city code is flashing on the display.
    3. Use D (east) and B (west) to scroll through the city
    codes until the one you want to use as your Home City
    is displayed.
    Transmitter indicator
    : All cities in Japan
    : Seoul
    : Hong Kong
    Note that this watch does not have a city code that corresponds to Newfoundland.
    4. Press A twice to exit the setting screen.
    The first press of A displays the 12/24-hour setting screen. Pressing A again exits
    the setting screen.
    The second hand will advance at high speed to the correct position in accordance
    with seconds count of the digital time, and resume normal movement from there.
    Normally, your watch should show the correct time as soon as you select your Home
    City Code. If it does not, it should adjust automatically after the next auto receive (in
    the middle of the night). You can also perform manual receive or you can set the time
    If you are in an area that does not use Daylight Saving Time (summer time), turn off
    the DST setting.
    To display the digital time and last signal screen
    In the Timekeeping Mode, press A to cycle through the digital time screens as
    shown below.
    In the Timekeeping Mode, press D to display the last signal screen. The last signal
    screen shows the date and time of the last successful time calibration signal
    Last Signal Screen
    Reception date
    Press A.
    Receiving indicator
    2 seconds
    Press D.
    Hour : Minutes
    PM indicator
    Date Screen Receiving Indicator
    and Seconds Count
    Current Time Screen
    Reception Time
    2 seconds
    2 seconds
    Day of week
    : Honolulu
    : Anchorage
    : Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver, Tijuana
    : Denver, El Paso, Edmonton, Culiacan
    : Chicago, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans, Winnipeg, Mexico City
    : New York, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Montreal
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Бренд Casio
Модель WVA470DJ-1A
Продукт Годинник
EAN 79767417079
Мова Англійська
Тип файлу PDF
Технічні характеристики
Тип механізму Electronic, Quartz (solar)
Тип циферблата годинника Аналоговий циферблат
Водонепроникнення до 100
Функція світового часу
Функція тривоги
LED підсвітка
Точність +/-15
Режим годинника
Відображення дати
Відображення дня тижня
Радіо приймач сигналу WWVB
Тип Наручний годинник
Передбачувана стать -
Матеріал, з якого виготовлений корпус Metal, Stainless steel
Колір корпусу Cрібний
Матеріал браслету Метал
Колір ремінця Cрібний
Типи часових стекол -
Формат Круглий
Колір циферблату Чорний
Стиль позначень на циферблаті Арабські цифри
Колір позначень на циферблаті Cрібний
Дизайн Кежуел
Індикатор рівня заряду акумулятора
Час роботи батареї 0.4
Вага та розміри
Ширина 54.6
Глибина 14
Висота 42.3
Вага 43.7

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