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Fundamental recommendations regarding safety

Thank you for having chosen the Chicco De’Longhi & Me!
the food processor. This appliance has been designed for the
preparation of baby food, from weaning onwards. The applian-
ce must be used exclusively by adults only. Take a few minutes
to read these instructions. This way you will avoid danger and
damage to the machine.
De Longhi S.p.A. hereby declares that this appliance called
Baby Meal™, Chicco™ De Longhi™ brand mod. KCP815 is
compliant with the essential requirements and other relevant
provisions of Directives 2004/108/CE (electromagnetic compa-
tibility) and 2006/95/CE (electrical safety). A full copy of the CE
declaration may be requested from De’ Longhi Appliances
via Seitz, 47 - 31100 - Treviso - Italy.
Model: KCP815
Voltage: 220-240 Vac
Frequency: 50 Hz
Motor Power: 150 W
Absorbed power: 800 W
Motor Power + Resistance: 850 W
Made in China
This appliance is warranted against manufacturing de-
fects for two years from the date of purchase (date indi-
cated on the receipt or other proof of purchase date) or
for any other period allowed by the applicable law in the
country of purchase.
The warranty does not cover parts subject to normal
De Longhi S.p.A. reserves the right to change what is
described in this instructions manual at any time and
without notice.
The reproduction, transcription and translation of this
manual into another language, even in part and in any
form, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent
from ARTSANA S.p.A. or De Longhi S.p.A.
If in doubt about the interpretation of the contents of this
manual contact the dealer or ARTSANA S.p.A. or De Longhi
The important recommendations have these symbols. These
recommendations must be followed.
Appliance certied and approved by IMQ
Appliance compliant with the essential requirements of
applicable CE Directives
Failure to comply can be or is the cause of injury due to life-
threatening electric shocks.
Failure to comply can be or is cause of injury or damage to the
Attention! Hot surface
Hot surfaces: failure to comply can be or is cause of scalding or
burns as the surfaces are very hot.
ATTENTION! Hot steam
High temperature steam is produced during cooking. Be care-
ful when opening the lid to avoid danger of burns due to the
steam pu.
Read the instructions manual
Attention! Hot surface
Hot surfaces: failure to comply can be or is cause of scalding or
burns as the surfaces are very hot.
Do not dispose of this product as normal household
waste. Make use of separate waste collection as requi-
red by the laws in force
Nota Bene:
This symbol highlights recommendations and important infor-
mation for the user.
Instructions for use:
This symbol indicates the instructions manual.
Letters and numbers in brackets
Letters in brackets correspond to the legend in the description
of the unit (page 14).
Cooking Function
Steam Cooking Function
Boil Function

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