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Genius GX-Speed
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інструкція користувачаGenius GX-Speed

DeathTaker/ Imperator Pro/GX-Speed- White Edition

Gaming Enthusiasts Special Collection

White Edition is a collectors best choice for GX-Gaming. Deathtaker, Imperator Pro and the GX-Speed mousepad in WHITE
creates a true gaming spirit for gamers who play MMO and RTS games. It is unique and quality-oriented as the finish will bring
attention around. The white edition will conquer any challenge in a MMO/RTS game and become an explosive game performer
with this special equipment.
DeathTaker White Edition has nine buttons and a precision gaming engine for up 5700 dpi, so gamers can easily shift around
the battle field, plus the X/Y axis dpi adjustment enables for a more flexible battle. Plus the weight adjustment system enhances
the mouse control ability at high speed.
Imperator Pro White Edition has 17 key anti-ghosting systems to keep gamers away from ghost keys occurring during gaming
sessions. Easy and simple; six independent macro keys can be set to be used at any time. Plus two USB ports are available for
other USB devices for immediate activation.
GX-Speed White Edition is a new soft gaming mouse pad designed for the Deathatker White Edition. It is now with thinner
thickness and the natural rubber base renders a stronger surface grip during fierce gaming sessions. Plus the enlarged pad size
of 385 x 272 mm allows comfortable and unrestricted gaming movement.
Both the DeathTaker and Imperator Pro White Edition are equipped with a full speed CPU with built-in memory to prevent
macro settings from game block and this gives gamers 1-ms (8X quicker) in response time, plus a braided cable with gold-plated
USB connector provides a stable and smooth signal connection during battle engagement. Plus the most fantastic feature for
both is the 16 million RGB backlight system, it renders a unique identity for gamers who look to differentiate themselves from
other gaming competitors.
DeathTaker and Imperator Pro White Edition use the Scorpion user interface, so gamers can setup “Button Assignment”,
“Macro Management”, Advanced Setting to customize mouse performance and “Light Option” can select up to 16 million
fascinating backlight colors.
MMO/RTS game oriented, comfortable design and a superb hand grip, outstanding performance in all games, Deathtaker,
Imperator Pro and GX-Speed Mousepad White Edition is the ONLY choice for game addicts. Be comea Pro GX Gamer now.

Інструкція користувача

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Загальна інформація
Бренд Genius
Модель GX-Speed
Продукт Інше
EAN 0091163241423, 0911632414236, 4710268241423
Мова Англійська
Тип файлу Посібник користувача (PDF)
Колір продукту Чорний
Матеріал -
Подушка під зап'ястя Ні
Забарвлення покриття Одноколірний
Неслизька база Так
Вага та розміри
Ширина 450 мм
Глибина 370 мм
Товщина 3 мм
Вага 306 г
Дані про упаковку
Кількість в упаковці 1 шт
Ширина упаковки 90 мм
Глибина упаковки 413 мм
Висота упаковки 90 мм
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