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Gorenje G340
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інструкція користувачаGorenje G340

Dear customer!

This electric integrated gas cooker is manufactured for household use.
Our appliances are packed in the environmentally friendly materials which may be
recycled, deposited or destroyed without any hazard to the environment. Such
packaging materials are also labeled accordingly.
Once the life cycle your appliance is over, make sure not to pollute the environment,
and deliver it to the authorized collectors of old household appliances.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use have been prepared for the user, and describe the appliance and
the way it is handled. These instructions are intended for various types of the
appliance, so you may find some descriptions for the functions that your
particular appliance may not have.
These instructions are only valid of the country symbol is indicated on the appliance.
If there is NO county symbol in the appliance, technical instructions should be
observed for adapting the appliance to comply with the requirements and regulations
for use in your country.

Instructions for


The appliance must be connected in compliance with the instructions attached to it,
as well as in compliance with relevant regulations and standards. The connection
may only be performed by a qualified person.

ting plate

The rating plate indicating the basic information on the appliance is attached to the
lower side of the hob.
Important warnings
Connecting the appliance to the power mains
Connecting the cooking hob to t
he gas supply
Nozzle table
Technical information
Appliance description
Cleaning and maintenance
Special warnings and fault reporting

Інструкція користувача

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Характеристики продукту

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Загальна інформація
Бренд Gorenje
Модель G340
Продукт Піч
Мова Англійська
Тип файлу Посібник користувача (PDF)

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