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Instruction for Changing Direction of opening the door6

Changing the Direction of Opening the Door EN

For one - door appliances, 540 mm width

If you find the direction of opening the door on your
appliance inconvenient, you can change it. Holes
on the opposite side have already been prepared
in the factory and are now plugged.
Remove the cover on the upper hinge,
unscrew the hinge and take off the door of
the appliance (the door is not fixed on the
middle hinge).
Take off all door corners and interchange
them (instead of the corner with a hole insert
the one without the hole and vice versa).
Unscrew the lower hinge with foot and the
other foot.
Fix the lower hinge with foot to the opposite
side and fix the other foot on the place where
previously was the hinge.
Put the door of the appliance on the lower
Fix the upper hinge and cover it.
Unscrew the handle and replace it on the
opposite side (not for handles mouinted
Some screws are covered with caps. Take
them off before undoing the screws.
Plug the remaining holes with decorative
Check the gasket, it shouldn't be creased
and it should seal well. In case it does not fit
perfectly, pull it out and rotate for 180°. In
certain models it is not possible to replace
the door gasket. Should the seal not adhere
to the casing of the appliance perfectly, it will
have to be heated from a suitable distance
(by means of hair drier, for example) and
lightly stretched to the required height. In
certain models it is not possible to replace
the door gasket.

Changing the Direction of Opening the Door

on the Low Temperature Compartment

Unscrew the blocking element and the hinge
of the low temperature compartment and
take off the door.
Plug the holes with plastic caps provided.
Turn the door for 180° and replace it on the
opposite side of the low temperature
compartment. Fix the hinge and the blocking
element of the door (position of holes
already provided).
1 Cover for the upper hinge
2 Upper hinge
3 Foot
4 Handle
5 Lower hinge with foot
6 Corner without a hole
7 Corner with a hole
8 Low temperature compartment
9 Blocking element
10 Door hinge

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