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Oregon Scientific RMR112
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інструкція користувачаOregon Scientific RMR112

Multi-Channel IN-OUT Thermometer

with Cable Free Sensor and RF Clock




Congratulations on your purchase of the RMR112 Multi-Channel
In-Out Thermometer with 433MHz cable free sensor and
radio-controlled calendar clock.
The basic package comes with a main unit, which is the
temperature and calendar clock station, and a remote unit, the
thermo sensor.
The main unit has large read-outs for indoors temperature,
calendar clock and temperatures collected and transmitted by the
remote unit. The main unit can support up to three remote units.
The main unit is capable of keeping track of the maximum and
minimum temperature of different sites. And no wire installation
is required and the RMR112 operates at 433MHz.
As for the calendar clock, it is radio-controlled. It automatically
synchronizes its current time and date when it is brought within an
approximate 1500km radius of the radio signal generated from
Frankfurt, Germany (DCF77).
You can also set the calendar clock manually when it is off range.
Other features include four-language display, four-step crescendo
dual alarms and interchangeable display modes.


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Продукт Термометр
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