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Oregon Scientific WD 338
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інструкція користувачаOregon Scientific WD 338

Weather DECT WD338 Quick Installation Guide

Menu Map

Function Operation ( Pls refer to user guide for detail instruction)

Making a call
dial number
Answer a call (Auto answer on)
Take the handset from the base and talk directly.
End a call
end a call
Redial Ö scroll
View CID record
enter CID list
scroll Ö check phone number Ö check
time stamp
Search phonebook record
Add phonebook record
menu Ö phonebookÖ “Add entry” Ö enter NameÖenter
number Ö
View weather forecast
menu Ö Weather
Ö Forecast Ö confirm
View T° & humidity
menu Ö weather
Ö temperature 1 /2 /3 Ö confirm
Select Language
handset menu Ö
select Language
Adjust earpiece volume
Ö handset menuÖ Ö
Ear volumeÖ
Select Ö
Adjust ring volume
menu Ö Handset menu Ö Ö
Ring volumeÖ
Adjust ring melody
menu Ö Handset menu Ö Ö
External MelodyÖ
Select melody Ö
Search for remote sensor
Press and hold the [CHANNEL] button on base unit for 2 seconds to start
searching for 3 minutes.
Turn off battery warning tone
menu Ö Handset menu Ö warning toneÖ Ö
Low battery Ö
Select ON / OFFÖ

Weather DECT WD338 Quick Installation Guide


a) Connecting the base unit
b) Installing handset batteries
1) Insert the batteries for the handset following the correct polarity
2) The handset must be charged for at least 15 hours before initial operation.
c) Set up remote sensor
1) Remove the battery door
2) Select channel and unit of measurement ( or )
3) Insert batteries following correct polarity
4) Place the remote sensor close to the base unit allowing it to recognize the sensor
Note: Reversing the battery polarity may damage the unit.
Charge the handset for at least 15 hours before initial operation


1) Use the supplied adapter only & do not try to lengthen the power cable
2) Do not place this Weather DECT phone close to another phone or other electrical equipment
that may cause interference and result in the abnormal function of this phone
3) Occasional loss of synchronization between handset and base unit is normal if there is a high level of
electrical interference in the environment.
4) Do not install the base unit near a sink, bath or shower, or anywhere else where it could get wet.
5) If the base unit ever falls into water, do not retrieve it until you have unplugged the power lead
from the mains socket and the telephone line plug from the telephone socket.
Turn off auto-answer
menu Ö Handset menu Ö Ö
Auto AnswerÖ
ON / OFF Ö confirm
* when auto-answer is ‘off’, press to answer a
Connect power adapter to
AC wall outlet
Connect phone line to
Bottom of the base unit
1) Weather information
y Forecast ( 5 weather condition forecast)
y Temperature 1 , 2 , 3 (temperature and humidity data from
in sensor and remote sensor units.
2) Phonebook
y Add entry / Edit entry / Delete entry
3) Keypad lock / Babycall (direct call) / Monitor mode (Baby sit)
y ON / OFF selection
4) Handset menu
y Warning tones ON / OFF selection of key press; low battery;
out of range
y Ring & Ear volume (5 level adjustment)
y Internal / External Melody ( 5 melody selection)
y Auto answer / Time display ON / OFF selection
y Handset Name
y Language (Selection between English, Germany, Italian,
Spanish, French)
5) Setup
y Clock settings (Date / hour format & setting)
y Alarms (2 alarms setting)
y Base Volume / Melody ( 5 level adjustment/selection)
y Base ID setting (*Advance setting)
y Select base (*Advance setting)
y Remove HS (*Advance setting)
y PIN code (*Advance setting)
y Ring Priority ON / OFF selection
y Dialing mode (Pulse / DTMF(tone) selection (*Advance setting)
y PABX setup of PABX code and pause (3 seconds/ 5 seconds)
y Default (return to default setting)
6) Registration (* Please refer to Advance setting)
7) Games
y Snake
y Car

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