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Panasonic CZ-CBPCC2

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Тип файлу
Product Functionalities
Setting the PC Card
Removing the PC Card
Data Backup Method
CSV File Format
This product can be set into Intelligent Controller to save cut-off data as a backup file.
Since the backup files are output in CSV format, the user can read the PC card from a personal computer,
thereby enabling one to process or print the cut-off data using commercially available spreadsheet software etc.
Open the storage outlet on the front surface of the
Intelligent Controller, and firmly insert the card
fully into the card socket in the direction displayed
in the illustration on the right.
z The card does not get set properly if it is not
facing correctly or if it is inserted at an angle.
Insert the PC card so that the front of the card
is on the left side.
z When set correctly, a quick sound is emanated.
To remove the card from the Intelligent Controller's
PC card socket, press the Remove button as
shown in the illustration on the right.
A quick sound is emanated when a set card is
The [Backup] and [Restore] buttons of the [Cut-off/Data backup] menu (Main 2/Sub 4) become enabled when a
PC card is inserted in the Intelligent Controller.
For the actual procedure, please refer to the Intelligent Controller Operation Manual.
CSV files are output in the following file-name format:
File No.
In case multiple files with identical accounting period initiation/closure
dates exist, numbers 1, 2, 3...9 are allotted.
Insert with card so that
the front is on the left.
Back up PC Card (CZ-CBPCC2)
Operation Manual
Important Safety Instructions
This refers to a hazard or unsafe procedure or practice which can result in severe personal
injury or death.
This refers to a hazard or unsafe procedure or practice which can result in personal injury
or product or property damage.
Before using the system, be sure to read these "Important Safety Instructions".
This document contains illustrations in order to ensure the safe use of this product as well as to prevent harm to the user
and damage to personal property.
The illustrations and their meanings are as described below.
Thank you for choosing this product.
Before using the system, be sure to read this manual carefully. In particular, be sure to read the "Important Safety
After reading this manual, store it in a convenient place.
z Do not use when wet. Inserting this product into the PC card slot when there is water or other such fluids on it could
result in malfunction, electric shock or fire outbreak.
z Do not disassemble or modify the product. Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.
z When touching the PC card during operations such as insertion or removal, first discharge any accumulated static
electricity to ground (through an earthed metallic device etc.) before touching the unit.
z Do not shake or cause shock to the device, nor remove from the card slot while it is still reading or writing data. Doing
so could cause data corruption or loss.
z Do not use or store in places prone to vibration or shock, in direct sunlight, in places with high levels of dust, humidity
or drastic temperature variations, or near strong magnetic fields such as speakers etc.
z Do not place the product in places prone to static electricity.
Precautions for Use
z Do not drop the card or subject it to strong shocks.
z On transferring the device from low temperature to a higher temperature, allow some time for it to reach the
temperature of the new surroundings before starting use. Abrupt changes in temperature or humidity may cause
internal condensation and lead to malfunctioning.
z We do not undertake data recovery operations for this product.
Take regular backups of vital data to other media, such as MO disks, hard disk etc.
z Please be informed that we shall not be responsible for any loss arising from damage or loss of data pertaining to this
z Since this uses flash memory, it has a limited life.
Data recording and reading becomes difficult over a period of time of usage. In that case, please procure a new
z Due to modifications, specifications for this product, design and user manual contents are subject to change without
For Intelligent Controller
z Do not place the card in trouser pockets etc.
Doing so places pressure on the device when one is sitting down etc., and may lead to damage.

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