Sennheiser SC 260 USB CTRL ML

Sennheiser SC 260 USB CTRL ML інструкція користувача

  • SC 260 USB ML is a competitively priced dual-sided headset optimized for
    Microsoft Lync. With the focus on managing calls seamlessly using one device,
    SC 260 USB ML with call control offers great functionality, easy handling and
    convenience, and the added benefit of great stereo sound. Features include:
    CircleFlex® patent-pending dual-hinge ear cup for perfect fit and supreme
    comfort, noise-canceling microphone, and a lightweight raised profile headband
    with numbered grooves. SC 260 USB ML is the ideal headset for all-day users
    of Microsoft Lync who require Sennheiser HD voice clarity and maximum
    call-handling flexibility when working in busy Unified Communications
    Benefits and Features
    • Optimized for Microsoft Lync – with integrated call control and USB connector
    • Best-in-class comfort – CircleFlex® patent-pending dual-hinge ear cup system
    that adapts seamlessly to your ears, for instant perfect fit and relaxed all-day
    Noise-canceling microphone – filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity
    • Unique robust construction – crafted with look and feel in mind
    • Dual-sided wearing style – numbered headband grooves for step-by-step
    adjustment ensures perfect binaural sound reproduction in noisy environments
    • Durability – metal reinforced headband designed for years of wearing pleasure
    • Sennheiser HD voice clarity – wideband sound for a natural listening experience
    • Bendable boom arm – ensures microphone position is always optimal. Cannot
    be twisted out of position
    • Pivotable boom – rotates through 350 degrees for wearing flexibility on right or
    left ear and precision microphone placement
    • Name tag personalization – easy user ID helps to avoid wearing a neighbor’s
    ActiveGard™ – technology protects you from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges
    • Peace of mind – 2-year international warranty
    Product name SC 260 USB ML
    Art. No.
    EAN No.
    40 44155 05142 1
    UPC No.
    6 15104 18122 9
    General data
    Wearing style
    Headband, stereo
    Frequency response
    150 Hz – 6,800 Hz
    Frequency response
    150 Hz – 6,800 Hz
    Sound pressure
    Max. 113 dB limited by ActiveGard™
    SC 260 USB ML
    The efficient working tool
Sennheiser SC 260 USB CTRL ML

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