Sony PHD-A55

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  • C:32:ππ
    Digital Photo Frame
    This symbol is intended to alert the user to
    the presence of uninsulated “dangerous
    voltage” within the product’s enclosure
    that may be of sufficient magnitude to
    constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.
    This symbol is intended to alert the user to
    the presence of important operating and
    maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
    literature accompanying the appliance.
    To prevent fire or shock hazard,
    do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
    You are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void
    your authority to operate this equipment.
    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant
    to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful
    interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency
    energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference
    to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular
    installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can
    be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the
    interference by one or more of the following measures:
    – Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
    Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
    Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
    Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
    The supplied AC power cord must be used with the equipment in order to comply with the limits for a
    digital device pursuant to Subpart B of Part 15 of FCC Rules.
    Use a commercially available AC plug adaptor, if necessary,
    depending on the design of the wall outlet.
    A moulded plug complying with BS 1363 is fitted to this equipment for your safety and convenience.
    Should the fuse in the plug supplied need to be replaced, a 5 AMP fuse approved by ASTA or BSI to
    BS 1362, (i.e., marked with 2 or @ mark) must be used.
    If the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cover, be sure to attach the fuse cover
    after you change the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover,
    please contact your nearest Sony service station.
    For the customers in Germany
    Directive: EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.
    This equipment complies with the EMC regulations when used under the following circumstances:
    Residential area
    Business district
    Light-industry district
    (This equipment complies with the EMC standard regulations EN55022 Class B.)
    The electromagnetic fields at the specific frequencies may influence the picture and sound of this digital
    photo frame.
    When images recorded with DCR-TRV890E/TRV900/TRV900E or DSC-D700 and images recorded with
    the other units are on the same Memory Stick, the images recorded with DCR-TRV890E/TRV900/
    TRV900E or DSC-D700 are not played back.
    The images processed with a computer may not be played back.
    You cannot display INDEX screen, rotate images, and write print marks on the Memory Sticks
    recorded with DSC-D700.
    To prevent warping or other damage to the digital photo frame, do not operate, place, or store the unit in
    any of the following locations:
    Areas subject to extreme heat.
    Do not leave the unit in a car parked in direct sunlight where a considerable rise in temperature
    could occur.
    Do not leave the unit in other areas subject to direct sunlight or sources of high temperature, such as
    near a heating device.
    Areas subject to strong vibrations.
    Areas subject to strong magnetic fields or near magnets.
    Keep the unit away from speakers, television sets, etc. as permanent erasure of Memory Stick data
    may result.
    Notes on use
    Do not operate the unit in locations where strong radio signals or other radiation is generated as
    displayed images may be adversely affected.
    Do not drop or otherwise allow any mechanical shock to the unit.
    Do not operate the unit near television sets or AM radio receivers as this unit may cause interference.
    Do not allow metal objects to make contact with the metal parts of the unit or connecting plate as a
    short may occur resulting in damage to the unit.
    Do not operate the unit in areas subject to direct sunlight as the touchless sensor may not operate
    On cleaning
    Clean the unit with a soft cloth or tissue.
    Wipe the screen surface with an LCD cleaning kit (not supplied) to remove fingerprints, dust, etc.
    Clean the unit with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.
    Do not use any type of solvent such as alcohol, benzine or thinner as it may mar the finish of the
    About LCD screen
    The LCD screen is manufactured using high-precision technology. However, there may be some tiny black
    points and/or bright points (red, blue or green in color) that constantly appear on the LCD screen. These
    points are normal in the manufacturing process. Over 99.99% are operational for effective use.
    Parts identification
    Memory Memory Stick
    LCD screen
    Screen size 5.5 inch
    LCD panel TFT
    Total dot number 224640 dots
    Power requirements 8.4 V
    Power consumption During playback: 8.6 W
    During standby: 1.7 W
    Operation temperature 32°F to + 104°F
    (0°C to + 40°C)
    Storage temperature – 4°F to + 140°F
    (– 20°C to + 60°C)
    Dimensions Approx. 8
    /2 × 6
    /2 ×
    /8 in. (215 × 162 × 40
    mm) (w/h/d)
    Mass Approx. 2 lb. (900 g)
    Speaker Dynamic Speaker
    Supplied accessories AC power adaptor,
    AC-PLM3 (1)
    Color frame (1)
    Operating Instructions
    Design and specifications are subject to change
    without notice.
    Functions of the control buttons
    You can execute the settings by pressing the
    control buttons. When an item is selected in
    the menu, the color of the item changes from
    blue to yellow. To enter your selection, press
    the control button z.
    Control buttons
    b (Left button)
    V (Lower button)
    z (Press to execute.)
    B (Right button)
    v (MENU)
    (Upper button)
    SLEEP switch
    The sleep function is activated and the LCD screen turns off
    automatically at the predetermined set time as long as you do not
    perform any additional operation.
    Set the operating time of playback (OFF, 30 MIN. or 60 MIN.).
    ACCESS lamp
    The ACCESS lamp lights up red while the unit is accessing the Memory Stick.
    When the ACCESS lamp is flashing, never remove the Memory Stick.
    Memory Stick slot
    DISPLAY button
    Press to display or turn off the indicators on the LCD screen. Each time you press this
    button, the indicators on the LCD screen change as follows:
    Off t Current date and time t Information of the displayed image t Off
    Nx button
    Starts or pauses the slide show.
    Displays the next image.
    ROTATE button
    When playing back lengthwise or sideways images, rotate the image 90° clockwise to fit
    them on the LCD screen.
    When playing back the slide show or INDEX screen, you cannot rotate the images.
    Displays the preceding image.
    When using the digital photo frame lengthwise, loosen the fixing
    screw, then rotate the stand 90° clockwise.
    Change the angle of the digital photo frame using the two screws.
    Wall outlet
    AC plug adaptor
    Self-diagnosis display
    The digital photo frame has a self-diagnosis display. This
    function displays the digital photo frame condition with
    five-digits (a combination of a letter and figures) on the
    LCD screen. If this occurs check the following code chart.
    The five-digits display informs you of the digital photo
    frame’s current condition. The last two digits (indicated
    by ss) will differ depending on the state of the digital
    photo frame.
    Self-diagnosis display
    C: ss: ss
    You can reverse the digital photo frame
    malfunction yourself.
    First three digits Cause and/or Corrective Action
    Trouble is with the hardware.
    t Turn the power off and on again.
    An unformatted Memory Stick is installed.
    t Format the Memory Stick.
    Message Meaning/Remedy
    No Memory Stick has been inserted.
    t Insert a Memory Stick.
    Trouble is with the hardware.
    t Turn on the power again.
    Trouble is with the Memory Stick.
    t Insert another Memory Stick.
    Failed to format the Memory Stick.
    t Insert the proper Memory Stick.
    The tab on the Memory Stick is set to LOCK position.
    t Set it to recording position.
    The Memory Stick is full, and cannot write the print
    t Delete images you do not want to keep.
    Failed in playing back images.
    t Delete the file.
    The image is protected.
    t Release protection of the image.
    No image has been recorded on the Memory Stick.
    t Insert the recorded Memory Stick.
    t Insert the proper Memory Stick.
    Warning and notice messages
    Various messages appear on the LCD screen. Check them with the following list.
    Note on the function of touchless sensor
    You can set up this unit to turn off the LCD screen with the touchless sensor. While pressing the Nx
    button, press the power switch.
    If you place your palm within 3 inch (about 7 cm) in front of the sensor for more than 3 seconds, when you
    remove your palm, the LCD screen will turn off.
    Auto LCD screen off
    If a image is constantly played back for more than 12 hours, and you do not perform any additional
    operation on the unit in that time, the LCD screen turns off automatically to prevent the image burn-in on
    the screen.
    To change the color frame
    1 Remove the 4 screws.
    2 Remove the acrylic board.
    3 Remove the color frame and replace with the other supplied color frame.
    (Control panel)
    Acrylic board
    LCD screen
    Operating Instructions
    Sony Corporation © 1999 Printed in Japan
    Owner’s Record
    The model and serial numbers are located on the rear. Record the serial number in the space
    provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding
    this product.
    Model No. PHD-A55
    Serial No.
    Color frame
    The color frame can be switched to the other supplied color frame.
    Touchless sensor*
    When the LCD screen is off and the STANDBY lamp lights
    up, you can turn the LCD screen on by placing your palm in
    front of the touchless sensor within 3 inch (about 7 cm).
    When you remove your palm, the LCD screen turns on.
    * If you place your palm in front of the touchless sensor for
    more than 10 seconds, the sensor does not work.
    BRIGHT +/– button
    Press to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen.
    Press + to brighten the picture.
    Press – to darken the picture.
    POWER switch/POWER lamp
    Press to turn ON/OFF the power.
    STANDBY lamp
    The STANDBY lamp lights up while the power is
    turning on and when the display is turned off.
Sony PHD-A55

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