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    FM Stereo/AM
    Operating Instructions
    ©1999 Sony Corporation Printed in China
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    product in the USA
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    Thank you.
    You are cautioned that any changes or
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    this manual could void your authority
    to operate this equipment.
    Before You Begin
    Thank you for choosing the Sony radio! It
    will give you many hours of reliable
    service and listening pleasure.
    Before operating the radio, please read
    these instructions thoroughly and retain
    them for future reference.
    Installing the
    (See Fig. A)
    1 Open the battery compartment lid
    at the rear of the radio.
    2 Insert one size AA (R6) battery
    (not supplied) with the 3 and #
    marks aligned correctly.
    3 Close the battery compartment lid.
    Battery life (JEITA*)
    Using Sony alkaline size AA (LR6) battery:
    Approx. 110 hours
    Using Sony size AA (R6) battery:
    Approx. 40 hours
    * Measured by JEITA (Japan Electronics
    and Information Technology Industries
    Association) standards. The actual
    battery life may vary depending on the
    circumstance of the unit.
    When to replace the battery
    Replace the battery when the sound
    becomes weak or distorted. Remove the
    old battery and insert a new one.
    Notes on the battery
    Align the battery correctly.
    The dry battery cannot be charged.
    To avoid damage from possible battery
    leakage, remove the battery when unit
    will not be used for a long time.
    Playing the Radio
    1 Connect the supplied earphones to
    i (earphones) jack and adjust
    them to your head.
    2 Set POWER to ON to turn on the
    3 Set BAND to select FM or AM.
    4 Turn TUNING to tune in a station.
    5 Adjust VOL (volume).
    To turn off the radio, set POWER to OFF.
    To improve reception
    FM: Extend the earphones cord which
    functions as the FM antenna.
    AM:Rotate the unit horizontally for
    optimum reception. A ferrite bar
    antenna is built in the unit.
    Set FM SENS to LOCAL if interference is
    prevalent when radio wave intensity is
    dramatically stronger.
    To listen to stereo programs, set to DX.
    Using the Belt
    To detach the belt
    Push Detach
    Dial scale
    Size AA (R6) x 1
    Insert the # side
    of the battery first
Sony SRF-39FP

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