Sony SS-HA1

Sony SS-HA1 інструкція користувача

  • SS-HA1/HA3
    Speaker cord (supplied)
    Cordon d’enceinte (fourni)
    Cable del altavoz (suministrado)
    Speaker cord (supplied)
    Cordon d’enceinte (fourni)
    Cable del altavoz (suministrado)
    Output power of your receiver or amplifier must not be over the maximum input power of
    the speaker system, and an appropriate volume level to prevent sound distortion must be
    kept. See “Specifications” for the maximum input power.
    La puissance de sortie de votre récepteur ou de votre amplificateur ne pas doit être
    supérieure à la puissance d’entrée maximum du système d’enceintes, et vous devez
    maintenir le volume à un niveau approprié afin d’éviter la distorsion. Voir la section
    «Spécifications» pour connaître la puissance d’entrée maximum.
    La potencia de salida del receptor o el amplificador no debe sobrepasar la potencia
    máxima de entrada del sistema de altavoces, por lo que, para evitar la distorsión del
    sonido, se debe ajustar un volumen apropiado. Puede consultar la potencia máxima de
    entrada en “Especificaciones”.
    + terminal (red)
    Borne + (rouge)
    Terminal + (rojo)
    – terminal (black)
    Borne – (noire)
    Terminal – (negro)
    © 2013 Sony Corporation Printed in China
    Owner’s Record
    The model and serial numbers are located on the
    bottom of the unit. Record the serial numbers in the
    space provided below. Refer to them whenever you
    call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product.
    Model No.
    Serial No.
    The forward-facing and upward-facing super
    tweeter configuration achieves a
    multidirectional listening experience. Uniquely
    shaped front panels with boldly cut edges
    also help prevent sound diffraction. That way,
    high-quality sound from sound sources or
    CDs can be enjoyed in wider area than with
    conventional speakers.
    Before connecting, turn off the amplifier to
    avoid damaging the speaker system.
    When turning the amplifier or program
    source power on/off, reduce the sound level
    on the amplifier to minimum.
    When bass sound is missing or the sound
    output position of musical instruments is
    not distinct, make sure the +/– terminals of
    speaker cords are connected properly.
    Avoid driving the speaker system
    continuously with a wattage exceeding the
    maximum input power of each speaker.
    Do not place anything on the speakers.
    Do not attempt to open the enclosure or
    remove speaker units. There are no
    user-serviceable parts inside.
    Keep recorded tapes, watches, personal
    credit cards, and hard disk drives using
    magnetic coding away from the speaker
    The speaker system has been tuned without
    the grill on. Remove the grill before using
    the speaker system.
    Cleaning and maintenance
    To avoid damaging the enclosure, do not
    use thinner, alcohol, benzene, etc.
    To keep a good gloss on the enclosure, dust
    it first using a soft cloth, a brush, or a feather
    duster and then polish it using a dry
    cleaning cloth (never use a scrubbing brush
    or a sponge).
    Wipe the surface gently. For fingerprints or
    oil stains, etc., breathe on the surface and
    wipe it off with a cleaning cloth.
    If the enclosure becomes extremely dirty,
    wipe the enclosure using a soft cloth slightly
    moistened with a soap and water mix.
    Be careful not to scratch the surface of the
    Wipe dust and other dirt from the super
    tweeter (top panel) using a blower brush or
    soft brush.
    Speaker Placement
    Please note that room acoustics can often
    produce large difference in the sound for
    small changes in speaker placement.
    Place the speaker system against a hard
    wall with its back about 20cm away from
    a wall.
    Place the right and left speakers in a
    similar acoustic environment.
    Do not place the speaker system in the
    following places:
    Anywhere that is extremely hot or under
    direct sunlight
    Speaker System
    Operating Instructions
    Mode d’emploi
    Manual de instrucciones
    Anywhere that is dusty
    Anywhere that is extremely humid
    Near a player
    In a cabinet, especially one above your line
    of sight
    Speaker system 3 way, 4 drivers speaker
    Loud speaker units Woofer: 13cm (5 3/4in.),
    cone type (1)
    Tweeter: 2.5cm (1in.), soft
    dome type (1)
    Super tweeter: 1.9cm
    (3/4in.), soft dome type (2)
    Enclosure type Bass reflex
    Rated impedance 4ohms
    Maximum input power 100watts
    Sensitivity level 86 dB (2.83 V, 1 m)
    Effective Frequency Range
    48 Hz - 50 kHz
    Dimensions (w/h/d) Approx. 185mm × 312mm ×
    (7 3/8 in. × 12 3/8 in. × 12 3/8 in.)
    Mass Approx. 4.8kg (10 lb. 9 oz.)
    Supplied accessories Speaker cords (2)
    Operating Instructions (1)
    Speaker system 2 way, 3 drivers speaker
    Loud speaker units Woofer: 10cm (4in.), cone
    type (1)
    Super tweeter: 1.9cm
    (3/4in.), soft dome type (2)
    Enclosure type Bass reflex
    Rated impedance 4ohms
    Maximum input power 70watts
    Sensitivity level 83 dB (2.83 V, 1 m)
    Frequency range 55 Hz - 50 kHz
    Dimensions (w/h/d) Approx. 150mm × 231 mm ×
    232 mm
    (6 in. × 9 1/8 in. × 9 1/8 in.)
    Mass Approx. 3.1 kg (6 lb. 13 oz.)
    Supplied accessories Speaker cords (2)
    Operating Instructions (1)
    Design and specifications are subject to change
    without notice.
Sony SS-HA1

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Продукт Динамік
Мова Англійська, Французький, Іспанська
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