Trend Micro Hosted Email Encryption

Trend Micro Hosted Email Encryption інструкція користувача

    Any organization with an executive management, human resources, or legal department
    must exchange sensitive information over the Internet at some point or another, making
    it imperative that they have a messaging security system. While encryption is a proven
    method for protecting your enterprise communications, finding the right encryption
    solution—particularly one without heavy administration—can be a challenge.
    Trend Micro
    Hosted Email Encryption integrates seamlessly with the content filtering
    capabilities of Trend Micro™ Hosted Email Security. When used together, they provide
    you with a comprehensive security strategy, offering policy enforcement, content
    management, anti-malware, and antispam protection in a single, easy-to-manage solution.
    Built with Trend Micro
    technology, this hosted service helps ensure availability
    of encryption keys 24x7, minimizing time spent on administration. Since our policy-based
    encryption automatically secures your confidential emails without end-user intervention,
    your administrators will no longer need to rely on individuals to encrypt sensitive data.
    Hosted Email Encryption is the easiest way for Hosted Email Security customers to
    achieve compliance.
    Trend Micro
    (included in Hosted Email Security)
    Reduce your risk of non-compliance
    Protection Points
    Messaging Gateway
    In the cloud
    Threat Protection
    Data Protection
    Securing Intellectual Property
    Protects sensitive and confidential data
    Enforces policies for regulatory compliance
    Enables increased trust among
    partners and customers
    Saves time and money with hosted
    deployment and key management
    Simplifies use, facilitating adoption and
    improving productivity
    Automatic Encryption
    Appears as a content filtering rule action in Hosted Email Security—simply check a box to apply
    Identifies content by attachment characteristics, keywords, lexicons, and customized data rules
    Helps ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard privacy
    Advanced Protocols
    Encrypts both email and attachments
    Decrypts via web browser for those without client software installed
    Allows secure delivery to any recipient without additional hardware or software
    Hosted Key Management
    Accelerates deployment, lowers up-front costs, and reduces system complexity
    Lifts IT burden, decreasing time spent on key management and privacy issues
    Eliminates the need for pre-enrollment
    Effortless Key Creation and Recovery
    Creates encryption keys with just a recipient’s email address
    Offers password and key recovery with no IT intervention
    Ensures worldwide availability of encryption keys 24x7
Trend Micro Hosted Email Encryption

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