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Vibiemme Domobar Double version 3
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Vibiemme Double Boiler Supplemental Instructions
Turning on and priming:
1. If reservoir model, rinse and fill the reservoir. If plumbed in version, connect and open
water supply (water softener and water pressure regulators requirements are covered
2. Plug the machine in and turn the switch to position “I” (one). The Power light on far right
will come on. NOTE: Setting the rotary switch to position “I” will activate all the
functions of the machine such as the autofill circuit, power to the PID, power to the
pump, solenoid valve, microswitch for the lever and power the brew boiler heating
element (but not the steam boiler heating element). The machine should arrive with the
PID turned off and it is very important for the PID to remain OFF until both of the boilers
are primed. When the PID is OFF, there is no power supplied to the brew boiler heating
Upon turning the switch to position “I” the display will turn on and show the software
version (ex. 1.00). Then after few seconds, the word OFF will appear. If OFF is not
displayed and you see a temperature reading instead, immediately push and hold the right
side button on the PID to turn it off.
3. Within a few seconds the autofill should turn on (you will hear the pump) and the steam
boiler will fill until the proper level is reached. For reservoir models keep an eye on the
water reservoir and make sure that the water level is going down.
4. It is possible that the steam valve and hot water spout have been opened for shipping,
especially in the winter months to avoid freezing issues. If they are open, now is a good
time to close them. However, if they arrived closed, now is a good time to open them to
release negative/cold air that may have accumulated in the boiler.
5. After the steam boiler’s autofill is completed, engage the grouphead lever (pump will
start again). Allow a few ounces of water to flow out the group, and then turn the lever
down (off).
Now both of the boilers of your machine are primed.
6. At this point, turn the PID ON by pushing and holding the right button. The word OFF
will disappear and the PID will start reading brew boiler temperature. For the US market,
the default temperature reading is in degrees F. If you prefer degrees C it can easily be
changed with the instructions we will cover further along.
7. The steam boiler can now be turned on by turning the switch to position II (the left light
will come on indicating that power is passing through the pressurestat and reaching the
heating element).

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