Weber Q240

Weber Q240 інструкція користувача

    You must read this Owner’s Guide before operating your electric grill.
    m DANGER
    Failure to follow the Dangers, Warnings and Cautions contained in this Owners Manual may result in serious bodily injury
    or death, or in a fire or an explosion causing damage to property.
    m Do not use charcoal or other
    combustible fuels in this grill. This
    grill is not designed for charcoal use
    and a fire could result. The fire could
    create an unsafe condition and
    damage to the grill.
    m Always plug Temperature Controller
    into grill before plugging power cord
    into outlet.
    m Read all instructions prior to
    m Do not operate unit if plug
    receptacle is damaged.
    m Operate grill only on a level, stable
    m Do not in any way alter this product
    or its use.
    m If using an extension lead it must be
    designed for outdoor use and rated
    for the input power appliance.
    This appliance is Rated for
    220V-240V - 50/60Hz
    Output: 2200 W
    m The appliance is to be connected to a
    socket-outlet having an earthing contact.
    m The appliance should be supplied
    through a residual current device (RCD)
    having a rated residual operating current
    not exceeding 30 mA.
    m The supply cord should be regularly
    examined for signs of damage and the
    appliance is not to be used if the cord is
    IP# IPX4
    41124 10/31/12
    NL, DE, HU, RO, BG, SL, SK, HR, CS, PL, RU, EL, TR, UK
    m Use shortest length extension cord
    possible. Do not connect 2 or more
    extension cords together.
    m Do not immerse grill in water when
    m Do not immerse Temperature
    Controller with power cord for
    m When removing the Temperature
    Controller from the grill, unplug it
    m During long periods of non-use,
    remove Temperature Controller from
    grill and store indoors.
    m Do not leave Temperature Controller
    in the ON position during short
    periods of non-use.
    m Do not leave grill unattended when
    in use.
    m Keep children and pets away from
    grill when in use.
    m Young children should be
    supervised to ensure that they do
    not play with the appliance.
    m This appliance is not intended
    for use by young children or
    infirm persons unless they have
    been adequately supervised by a
    responsible person to ensure that
    they can use the appliance safely.
    m Clean drip pan regularly.
    m Locate power cord away from traffic
    m Do not use grill near combustible
    materials such as wood, dry grass,
    shrubs, etc.
    m Do not allow grill to come into
    contact with flammable materials
    such as paper, walls, draperies,
    towels, chemicals, etc.
    m Do not use as a heater.
    m Do not use grill in high traffic areas.

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